Our first exposition-sale

Bringing together various expressions of Popular, Indigenous and Contemporary Art from Paraguay

By choosing to bring together the ceramics of Julia Isídrez, the ink on paper of the Nivaclé artistsMarcos Benitez‘s installation AÓ, the fabrics of the Manjuy and Nivaclé women, and the weavings of the Mbya Guarani people, we aim to illustrate a tiny part of Paraguay’s cultural diversity.

Each piece carries within it the material and identity of the territory from which it comes, each artist reveals their lived experiences, interpretations of life, and the beliefs of their community.

The exhibition-sale of popular, indigenous, and contemporary arts from Paraguay, organized in January 2023 in Paris by Tekoharte, presented a range of works reflecting the cultural richness of this country.


Several months of close collaboration with artists from different communities scattered throughout the territory were necessary to build an exceptionally high-quality collection. Julia Isídrez‘s ceramics, Marcos Benitez‘s work “Proyecto Herbolario” AO, Rosa Pirancho‘s tapestries, Mbya Guarani weavings, and the ink on paper works by Nivacle artists each highlighted ancestral craftsmanship knowledge, artistic creativity, as well as their profound connection to nature in their respective domains.

The exhibition was enthusiastically received and sparked keen interest from a diverse audience, including art enthusiasts, professionals, and the curious. Events organized by Tekoharte and the Paraguayan embassy were key moments that provided unique opportunities for engaging exchanges between visitors and organizers, fostering a better understanding of ancestral manufacturing processes and the profound messages conveyed by each artist. This exhibition transcended the boundaries of art as a visual representation to become an immersive experience filled with emotions provoked by the beauty of this lesser-known country.



Del 18 al 23 de Enero del 2023 de 11h a 20h


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