Jorge Enciso

Jorge Enciso was born on July 18, 1972, in Asunción. He is a ceramist and a lawyer. From a young age, he had an interest in visual arts in general, creating drawings and paintings in a self-taught manner. It wasn’t until 2014 that he met ceramist Julia Isidrez at a workshop she conducted in the city of Aregua. From that moment on, he never stopped working with clay, both in Julia’s workshop and in his own studio that he set up for this purpose.

He takes as his starting point popular ceramics or mestizo ceramics, rooted in the practices of the Guarani ancestors, with the addition of techniques and forms brought by the colonizers. He works with black, white, and red clay, engobes, burnishing, and sgraffito techniques.

From 2014 to 2021, he mainly worked with figurative forms, closely related to everyday life, as well as zoomorphic figures. In his recent individual and group exhibitions (from 2018 onwards), he gradually introduced more abstract forms, and in 2022, he left behind representation to embark on a path towards the abstract, which continues to this day.

His local influences include Juana Marta Rodas, Julia Isidrez, Josefina Plá, and Keka Saldivar, from whom he takes references for forms and techniques (the first two), finishing (J. Plá), and shapes (Keka Saldivar).

He has complemented his theoretical art education by participating in various panel discussions on visual arts with Ticio Escobar. In the specific practice of ceramics, he has supplemented his training from Julia Isidrez by attending workshops led by Master Maneno Juarez (Llinkarimachiq), Paola Nuovo, Lavra Garay, Claudia Migone, Marité Zaldivar, Teresita Capurro, and Karina Garret, with whom he has worked on various techniques such as hand modeling, reliefs, and finishing of pieces.

He is a founding member of Avispa (Visual Artists of Paraguay Associates) since 2021 and has served as Legal Advisor to the organization since its inception. He is also a member of Gente de Arte – Association for Visual Arts in Paraguay and holds the position of Titular Syndic for the 2021 and 2022 terms, having been elected for the 2023 and 2024 period.

individual exhibitions:

  • “TIERRA FRAGIL” – Galerie Verónica Torres, Collection d Art – Commissaire : Fernando Moure – Asunción, Paraguay – Août 2022
  • “SURCOS DE BARRO” – Galerie Verónica Torres, Collection d’art – Asunción, Paraguay – Septembre 2019
  • “INTROMISIONES” – Centre Culturel du Lac – Aregua, Paraguay – Juillet 2018

exhibitions with julia isidrez:

  • “ELOGIO AL TIEMPO” – Galería Verónica Torres , Colección de Arte – Commissaire : Gustavo Insaurralde – Asunción, Paraguay – juin 2023
  • “EL VIENTRE DE FUEGO” – Julia Isídrez/Jorge Enciso – Centre Culturel du Lac – Aregua, Paraguay – Texte curatorial : Fernando Moure – Octobre, Novembre 2021
  • “DE LO ANCESTRAL A LO URBANO ” – Julia Isídrez/Jorge Enciso – Galerie Pablo Avila d’ Art Contemporain – Commissaire : María Eugenia Ruiz – Asunción, Paraguay – Octobre 2020
  • “MEMORIAS DE BARRO-ESCENCIA Y MUTACIONES” – Julia Isídrez/Jorge Enciso –Musée des Beaux-Arts Juan Ramón Vidal –Corrientes, Argentine – Décembre 2018
  • “MEMORIAS DE BARRO-ESCENCIA Y MUTACIONES” – Julia Isídrez/Jorge Enciso – Centre Culturel du Nord-Est – Resistencia, Argentine – Octobre 2018
  • “BARROVIVO” – Julia Isidrez/Jorge Enciso/Jazmín Brizuela – Verónica Torres Art Gallery – Asunción, Paraguay – Octobre 2018
  • “BARRO COMBINADO ” Julia Isídrez/Jorge Enciso-Galerie Monochrome-Asunción, Paraguay-Avril 2017

collective exhibitions:

  • “OXÍGENO FERIA DE ARTE -édition 2022” – Foire d’Art Contemporain
    (Sélectionné 9)
  • “LA PIEL : EL CUERPO DEL ARTE” – Galerie Matices – Commissaires : Osvaldo Salerno et Albán Martínez Gueyraud – Asunción – Avril-Mai 2022
  • “25 AÑOS GDA” – Centre Culturel Manzana de la Rivera” – Asunción – Mai-Juin 2022
  • “TEMBE’Y – ORILLA ” – Centre Culturel de la République du Paraguay – Buenos Aires, Argentine – Février-Mars 2022
  • “TEMBE’Y – ORILLA” – Espace Culturel Universitaire – Rosario, Argentine – Octobre 2021
  • “SOPLAR EL ARTE ” – Centre Culturel d’Espagne Juan de Salazar – Asunción, Paraguay – Août et Septembre 2019
  • “CERAMICA CONVERGENTE ” Alliance Française – Asunción, Paraguay – Novembre 2017
  • « ESCULTORES Y CERAMISTAS » Casa Hassler – San Bernardino, Paraguay – Janvier 2017
  • “10 años Casa Museo Juana Marta Rodas” Casa Arte en Barro (Atelier de Julia Isídrez)- Ita, Paraguay- Décembre 2016
  • “PAJAROS SONOROS” Centre Culturel du Lac – Aregua, Paraguay – Octobre 2016
  • “FERIA DE ARTES ” Jardins du Musée Arte Sacro – Asunción, Paraguay – Octobre 2016
  • “JULIA ISIDREZ Y SUS ALUMNOS” Casa Arte en Barro (Atelier de Julia Isídrez). Inauguration du four construit par l’Université de Wichita Kansas – Projet BIA 2015 – Asunción, Paraguay – Décembre 2015
  • “PRESERVACIÓN DE LA CULTURA EN BARRO EN PARAGUAY” Centre Culturel d’Espagne Juan de Salazar – Asunción, Paraguay -Novembre 2014