Paraguay has a rich history of multicultural influences, built upon the traditions of the various original indigenous peoples, blended with those of many colonizing societies.

The Paraguayan population is multi-ethnic, giving the country great diversity, especially in the artistic field.

a combination of Tekoha, a Guarani word meaning “the land that makes us who we are”, and Arte, the art created by various communities inspired by the land where they have their roots.

Paraguay made us who we are.

Paraguay made us who we are.

Thanks to encounters and exchanges, our lives and the way we look at this country have changed.

From these experiences, an immense respect for all these artists was born, most of whom come from the traditional crafts tradition, to which each has contributed their talent and creativity.

They know how to communicate a message, an emotion, bringing matter to life, regardless of the hours of work, adversity, or the precariousness of their living conditions.

At Tekoharte, we are committed to giving them the visibility they deserve.

Tekoharte - Pasillo en Vertical

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