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The exhibition “Art et Transmission” pays tribute to Juana Marta Rodas, a Paraguayan ceramic artist who passed away in 2013, through the works of artists Julia Isídrez, her daughter, and Jorge Enciso. This exhibition brings to light the work of these two artists who explore a creative universe that blends ceramic tradition and contemporary innovation.

From November 13th to November 19th 2023 – Paris 75007

Tekoharte - Oeuvre Julia Isidrez

Since pre-Columbian times, the knowledge of ceramics has been passed down from mother to daughter in Paraguay. Guaraní women crafted kitchen utensils, jars, funerary urns, and tools. Juana Marta Rodas witnessed the family craft of making jars become obsolete with the advent of running water. The vital need for reinvention and her innate talent undoubtedly sparked her artistic awakening. While she continued to produce utilitarian pieces, she let her creativity and imagination flow, shaping abstract forms, complex motifs, and sculptures, thus transforming her artisanal legacy into a unique art form.

From a very young age, Julia Isídrez accompanied her mother in all their daily tasks. Early exposure to all the techniques, as well as living alongside Juana Marta Rodas’ free spirit, allowed her to develop her skills and her own creative personality from adolescence. Her sculptures depict unusual animals, recognizable in their anatomy, inspired by Guaraní mythology and the surrounding nature. Julia Isidrez is an original testimony to contemporary Paraguayan folk art.

Jorge Enciso, originally a lawyer, acquired ceramic skills from Julia Isídrez over many years. When they met, she had just lost her mother, and he was seeking to bring an artistic dimension to his life as an escape from daily stress. Thanks to this encounter and the bond that unites them around this common passion, Julia Isídrez ensures her succession, and Jorge Enciso has been able to develop an artistic language that represents him. Abstraction allows him to play freely with shapes and colors, inviting the viewer to interpret the works according to their own perception. The choice of sgraffito as a technique reinforces the tactile and textured aspect of his works. This meticulous and repetitive gesture can also be perceived as a kind of meditation or creative ritual, reflecting the artist’s commitment to his art.

Tekoharte - Oeuvre Jorge Enciso

The exhibition “Art et Transmission” is a concrete demonstration of the exchange of knowledge in favor of freedom of expression. The works of Juana Marta Rodas, Julia Isídrez, and Jorge Enciso are a beautiful example of transmission.

Artists Richart Peralta, Estevan Klassen, Hernán Álvarez, and others draw with bic pens on paper their relationship with nature, where humans communicate with jaguars, fish mothers, trees, or spirits. They alert us to the loss of their territory since colonization and the consequences of the current massive deforestation of the Paraguayan Chaco.

Paraguayan folk art is strongly inspired by the earth, water, fire, and transmission, much like indigenous art that was long unrecognized by Westerners. Different communities express their cultures through various artistic forms, such as weaving, braiding, wood carving, or more recently, drawing and painting.

Elsa Gomez, Rosa Pirancho, and other Nivacches artists continue the tradition of weaving with caraguata (Bromelia) fiber collected from the forest, treated, dyed, and woven. According to anthropologist Zanardini, these weavings are history books because through their motifs, forms, and colors, they express their identity, originality, and a characteristic way of understanding their environment, conveying to us the meaning of an experience we are unaware of.

Coming from a more recent artistic expression in Paraguay, Rodrigo Velázquez’s engravings reflect the beauty of the nature that surrounds him. His works are imbued with life, tradition, and magic. According to him, the engraving technique respects and amplifies a perfectly natural creation from the preparation of the matrix to the final result on an organic medium like paper. The trees, animals, and plants that enchant his engravings are testimonies of life, the history of a country, and the colors of a mythology in which we navigate with fascination.


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